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Company & Products

The Company

After gaining recognition by winning a jewelry contest in Tokyo, combined with Caroline’s inherent sense of style and deep desire to bring out women’s inner beauty, Caroline decided to launch her own jewelry brand that led to the creation of “Caroline Roussel LLC”.

The Jewelry

Caroline’s full line of jewelry consists of necklaces and bracelet which are primarily made of pearls, crystal and semi-precious stones, each and every one of them handmade with the utmost care and precision.  Most of her necklaces are made with silk thread and are hand knotted.

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Asian characters, symbols, lucky numbers and flowers are well-known features of Caroline’s designs which are a clear reflection of her cross-cultural experiences, her love for nature, her outgoing personality and personal style.

Her jewelry is very popular around the globe and has been seen on women from New York to Paris and from Istanbul to Tokyo.


Caroline’s jewelry is available on-line only.  Contributing to the exclusivity of her line, it is not made available through regular retail outlets. She cordially invites you to subscribe to her mailing list if you wish to receive any information related to her jewelry.

Caroline’s Spirit

Caroline is keen on personally advising her clients to ensure that they select a design that matches their unique style and personality.  Caroline encourages her clients to be creative – mixing and layering colors, bead size and more.  She is also happy to assist men in their search of finding the perfect gift for their wives and loved ones.

“The Caroline Roussel Collection is designed for women of all ages who are anywhere in the world” Caroline says. “I want my jewelry to help empower women by feeling more beautiful, confident, happy, unique and complete. I always encourage them to wear my jewelry often and with pride.”