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The Designer

Caroline Roussel was born and raised in Belgium and spent all her summers in the South of France, a region she particularly loves travelling to.

After her education in communications and public relations in Brussels and London, she spent eight consecutive years in her beloved continent, Asia. While living in Shanghai and Tokyo, she took the opportunity to travel to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia, observing the crossroads of culture, colors and designs so deeply rooted in the Asian lifestyle.  For four years she resided in Midland, Michigan, located in the Midwest of the United States of America.  For the second time in her life, she is now living in Shanghai, China.

Caroline constantly supports charitable causes such as Cancer Services, Shelterhouse, Disability Network, PAO (Personal Assistance Options) to mention a few.

In her free time Caroline enjoys golf; a sport she has had a passion since childhood.

Caroline loves life, fashion, accessories and all kind of jewelry in particular…

Caroline RousselCaroline wears one of her Necklace and her Silver Charms Bracelets